Dark. Intense. Melodic. 


Gabrielle Kerr speaks truths, the young raconteur is an old soul watching this new world spin. Her introspective lyrics will draw you in as she crows the blues, hints of folk and rock in the songbird's voice and songs. Telling tales of life, death and all that lies in between. 


Let her take you from your own mind and draw you into the world she’s created. A wonderland of moonlight; do not fear the darkness. The night speaks honest and true more than the blinding light of day could ever hope to. The girl is made of burning embers, the velvet of midnight,roses beginning to wither and the smell of a storm.


If you observe this oddity of a human you'll see the music move through her; she bleeds ink, she speaks in riddles, and she'll open the door to a different perspective making you wonder if you exist in the same world.




23rd of March 2019. Jailbreak Festival @ the Boggo Road Gaol


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